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Precision Nutrition

Precision nutrition certification is a research-based, life-changing, personal nutrition and lifestyle coaching model that can be used for anyone.  Through a structured, systematic, science-based approach; one’s potential for change can be realized through progressive and practical approaches.  Precision nutrition certification or “PN,” can be utilized in combination with various therapeutic models. Some examples of integration of PN and therapeutic approaches  is to notice parts of you that engage in the use of restrictive or binge eating episodes through the use of IFS components.   Brainspotting can be utilized to allow for the expansion into your fitness or nutrition goals. Personal guides as they relate to nutrition, exercise or body related concerns can be developed with the use of PN certification.  


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Why Precision Nutrition Matters
For Mental Health

Nutrition and physical movement is a large part of our daily functioning and Precision Nutrition coaching can assist in meeting the needs you have as they relate to body image, food and energy levels.  

If your mental health goals include: improving eating behaviors, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, preparing for an athletic event or just need more energy to meet your families or personal needs; then Precision Nutrition coaching may be for you! Can you relate to any of the below?:

Failing in important roles in your life, failing to make lifestyle changes, failing yourself?! 


Feeling tired, empty, anxious, stuck, stressed, angry or annoyed?


Struggling with relationships, physical pain, insomnia, eating concerns or constant grief or fear?


Wanting to enhance or improve productivity, creativity, performance in athletics or the work place?


Needing to feel better physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually?


Experiencing barriers or blocks as an athlete or in your career and are curious about tapping into the brains ability to heal and create new connections?

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Kind Words

Elizabeth is an amazing listener, she is attentive and always picking up on the little things, that you might not realize your feeling or saying. I feel a sense of comfort and calmness during and after our sessions. A non judgemental, safe space. Her strategies, different approaches and professional empathetic mannerism provides a safe and therapeutic session every time.  MB


I have worked with Elizabeth for around 5 year’s now. Her ever-expanding knowledge of different trauma based therapies is unparalleled. Our work together and the tools she has taught me have changed my life and how I function on a daily basis. She’s always available and reliable. She doesn’t open wounds in session without “putting things away” and having an action plan until the next session. She is the kindest, warmest person and has a way of making me feel like I’m her only client. I find myself saying, “I can’t wait to tell Elizabeth!” I’ve had many therapists and none hold a candle to her.   RM


Working with Elizabeth has been a wonderful experience. It feels like she truly cares about the people she works with. She takes the time to offer suggestions, even for things in your life that aren’t necessarily directly related to mental health. She has really made a difference in my life. After working with other therapists I feel very confident that she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and continues to educate herself for the benefit of her clients.  MS


A rewarding journey that I recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting extra help. Elizabeth is a wonderful guide who can help teach and support you along the way. Exploring and befriending different parts of us that we once saw as scary or an inconvenience can be transformed into allies. Learning to care for ourselves is truly rewarding. There is always help and hope for everyone!  SS

As a mom, wife, business owner, therapist, and athlete; integration has been key in my own life.  Find out how meditation and Precision Nutrition can be a value added to your therapy sessions.  Let's finally uncover a path that leads to where and who you desire to be.

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