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Internal Family Systems

IFS therapy is an opportunity to truly experience personal growth and a deep understanding of who you really are.  It is a therapy model that, along with inclusion of the body and physical sensations,includes a wide range of methods and techniques. IFS therapy is an evidence based, transformative psychotherapy model.


In noticing and accessing calm and curiosity, you can, on your own or with therapeutic support, listen to parts of yourself.  Very much the conversations you may have noticed where you might ask, “Why does one part of me feel this way and another part feel distinctly different?” IFS allows for you to notice these, at times, conflicting thoughts with a deeper understanding of their intent. 


A “trailhead” or “hint” that a part is showing up can be experienced as a thought, a physical sensation in the body, a core belief, an emotion, or a behavioral response.  Noticing and relating to these hints is the use of IFS and further invitations to invite in compassion to be present with all your parts.  Essentially, you will be able to explore and authentically embrace that “All Parts of you are Welcome.”  

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